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Movements that achieve big shifts in systemic social change need rare people.

It needs thinkers simplifying complex issues. Passionate activists chasing outcomes. It needs compassionate entrepreneurs funding the work[G1] . It needs administrators; not bureaucratic stumbling blocks. It needs positive media narrative inspiring people to join. Networkers bringing more and more people on board.

Mostly, they are ‘givers’ to a cause.

P4T exists to do two big things and it needs rare, giving people.

First, to incubate projects that facilitate change and lead to well-being and human flourishing; wherever we work.

‘Ping-pong-a-thon’ is a community development project headed by Age Rowse, in which creative people conduct table tennis events to support efforts that reduce child prostitution and sex slavery in Asia and Australia. We need capable people to build our impact. Already, this cause is spreading beyond Australia.

Through AMEP (Australian Media Engagement Project) we partnered to form Voice of the Cities Inc. In Cities and Shires around Victoria, ‘Voices’ will develop around public interest events, positive journalism, the inspiration to engage in asset-based community development, and narrative research to inform systemic change.[G2] Our first will launch Maroondah Voice.

Second, to grow networks of people and organizations[G3] . If you think P4T people are already engaging in interesting work, we need you and others to come on board.[G4]

Next year, we’ll incubate more initiatives in community engagement, media engagement, or forums for systemic change. [G5] We’ll need broader engagement and support, so during 2018, we expect we’ll recruit more people as members to develop P4T and actively promote our efforts to make the world a better place.

If you think this is worthwhile, let’s engage with you.

Bob Simpson

P4T Inc

Bob Simpson

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Bob followed a career through various organisations after missing journalism cadetships. He always asked, “how can ‘we’ do this better?” This led him to embrace innovation and change, while a Fellow of CPAs for over thirty years. Bob asserts that human relationships must lead economic process; if we are to be better.
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