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Stephen is a Chartered Accountant with 35 years’ experience in management accounting in small business and non-profit sectors. His country roots underpin a strong desire to see everyone flourish, irrespective of their roots. He is very experienced in the financial management of sporting clubs and community groups. Also, he mentors refugees and students, helping them to make positive contributions to their Australian communities.

Raymond arrived in Australia twenty years ago from Hong Kong, where he was a University mathematics lecturer. He is now a community engagement worker in the Australian Chinese community, working through media and social services. Raymond’s experience in ethnic media includes community magazine publishing, radio, and social media.

As a Digital film producer and Video Journalist, Ian passionately believes Australian society should be a fair and decent place for everyone. His long experience as a medical scientist brings an important understanding of the need for good evidence. Before film and video, Ian worked at the Royal Women’s Hospital as a Virologist involved in laboratory research and administration.

Bob followed a career through various organisations after missing journalism cadetships. He always asked, “how can ‘we’ do this better?” This led him to embrace innovation and change, while a Fellow of CPAs for over thirty years. Bob asserts that human relationships must lead economic process; if we are to be better.

Mark built his capability, over 30+ years, through leadership development, executive coaching, and facilitating strategic alignment and process improvement for non-profit bodies and business leaders. Mark has profound vision and passion for community, which goes beyond ‘the material.’ He delivers sustainable, principled outcomes in organisational alignment, missional effectiveness, systems and engagement.