Why we Pong:

There are 45.8 million men, women, teens and children in the world today who are SLAVES.

45.8 million people with hopes and dreams, who want their lives to matter, to mean something MORE - just like you and me!

Poverty and harsh circumstances have made them vulnerable to the greed of others to be bought and sold like products off a supermarket shelf.

They show courage beyond understanding just to survive another day.

We Pong because EVERY person matters.

We Pong because every person deserves the chance to live a life that is FREE.

What if the person you love most in the world was one of these 45.8 millions?

How far would you go, how hard would you fight for their freedom?

Today, YOU have the chance to radically alter the course of a person's life FOREVER!

Join the Fight For Freedom today!


For further information about the work of The Pong please visit www.pingpongathon.com