Become a Benefactor

The Legacy of Impact as a P4T Benefactor

Becoming a benefactor for P4T is fulfilling the namesake of our organisation, you will be partnering with us to enable some of the most profound transformation on the planet. The work we spearhead here in Australia and fund overseas is directly combating the modern day slave trade. The funding that you provide seeds impact at three distinct levels:

  1. Your partnership directly funds the work of The Pong in schools and community groups, which translates to 1,000 Aussies every year directly participating in The Pong, as well as 10,000 directly being impacted by The Pong through donating to the annual campaign.
  2. Your partnership helps get more funds to our overseas partner projects. Currently we utilise 25% from the fundraising generated at Pong events to run our organisation. By supporting our Australian team directly, this underpins our sustainability and enables more of our fundraising dollars to our partner projects.
  3. Your partnership funds the direct investment in upcoming student and young adult leaders, to train the next generation to be at the forefront of fighting human trafficking. This will fund travel costs to allow future leaders to visit the work on the ground, as well as training here in Australia.

Special Access to our Partners

At P4T we have deep relationships with the people and projects on the ground in Thailand, Cambodia, India and Vietnam. We have been partnering with some of these organisations for more than 10 years. With the trust we have developed with these organisations, you will gain direct access to the work on the ground. We will host experiences, both in Australia where we will invite our partners to Australia, as well as trips to the countries themselves, where you will have the opportunity to come face to face with the incredible work that we are spearheading, and to witness the ways we are combating modern day slavery.

We invite you to join our network and leverage your resources to help see lives freed from slavery and oppression.