Breakthrough dialog

We’ve all had them, even if we didn’t know it at the time – a moment where a life-changing insight or commitment is formed because of the words of another person. For some, it is the persistent affirmation of a parent; for others, a passing comment or question that carries a different perspective or assumption to our previous thinking. Sadly for some, it can also be a sharp criticism delivered without positive intent that permanently scars their outlook.
The power of these moments is not in the words themselves, but in the deep emotive response that forms as we process the new insight into a commitment or vow to change something. In my coaching, I work hard to create these moments for each person I coach.
What if we could experience a collective breakthrough moment, where we simultaneously reach a new and inspired resolve? What if a whole group of community leaders could realise a new partnership to resource their work? What if a group of church leaders could discover fresh ways to express spiritual relevance? What if business leaders could leverage the social impact of their bottom line decisions?
We have a plan for exactly this type of breakthrough dialog and expect to see real outcomes emerge. If this excites you, add your thoughts below. If you want to be involved, contact us for more information.
Mark Breyley